Fate’s Catalyst

You were Fate’s catalyst and the moon roars
Out your name. The ground has shifted
With tectonic life-changes.

The autumn leaves fall like guillotines.
Nothing here can move quickly.
Constant rain; perpetual drizzle.

Tonight is the climax of brooding sky:
A world in an arthritic cast.
I sink deeper into my chair

And into nowhere, remembering
How our epoch opened like an atrium.
I sit alone. Separating

The night’s black veil to watch
A rabble of stars slowly appear.
Submerged and drunk and melancholy

While you roll behind the darkness.
I think of you as though in séance
And our last night rises up from the air.

I have never heard a more
Honest and open cry
Than the rising howl you made that night:

I held your hand in the rain
And you held not just mine back,
But everything together –

And I never even realised,
All that time while I held you,
You were the heart of a moment

That I let fall into nothingness.
You were the planet’s core, you were magma-glue,
And that’s why the happiness stuck to us.

If it was raining then the sky did not bother your tears.


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