So, I recently had a sort of 3am epiphany. I’ve been writing fairly steadily for well over a year now and I’ve done little with most of it aside from leave it to gather dust inside my laptop, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a poetry blog.

It is called ‘With These Eyes’.

In effect, it is the decision to start self-publishing my own work. However, as opposed to this being just a blog where I upload whatever I fancy, I want it to function much more in the same way that an actual collection does – therefore trying to work around a series of central themes; exploring love, sex, dependency, identity, masculinity. Consequently, as I add new material, the essence of the work as a whole will come to reshape itself, evolving and adapting over time, the collection fluctuating together. A true “work in progress”. This will also hopefully maintain interest if any figures or themes start reappearing over consecutive weeks, too.

It will be predominantly poetry, but sometimes prose, and mainly in English, however at times also in Italian (so keep your Italian-English dictionaries handy). I’m also in the process of currently trying to write a novel, so maybe some excerpts from that will feature at some point in the future. I might also try and provide a little more traditional “blog” content from time to time, so insight, inspiration, personal moments, etc etc.

I’m usually a little scattershot with my commitment, but I’m going to hopefully upload at least one new piece of work a week – on Fridays, so that you have something new to read as you relax at the start of the weekend. There is a comment section for anyone who has any thoughts, also.

The first edition features ‘Underwater’, an old personal favourite of mine.

I hope you enjoy the writing, and please give me your thoughts/send me love.